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A sit down face-to-face informal meeting between The Fashion Doctor & The Patient. This time is used for the patient and the doctor to get to know each other. This time will be used to sort out the image issues facing the client in a stress free, safe and healthy environment. A full body scan is also done which will help to identify your body type as well as silhouettes and color schemes that would work best for the patient. A brief hair and makeup consult will also be given.  



Who are you? Who do you want to be? What are your style and image goals? What is your lifestyle like? During this time the doctor will dig deep beyond the shell to get a greater view of who you are and what you want to accomplish both visually and internally. There will also be a mini closet examination during this period. This will help the doctor identify your current style temperament as well as act as a tool to gather information on what is needed to aid in your fashion recovery, which includes items to save, items to donate and items to alter.  




After the consultation and examination it’s now time to create a style plan. The Doctor will PESCRIBE a custom wardrobe plan to you based on his findings on the items above. This will include a personalized prescription to heal your style-illness. The prescription will include but not limited to: personal shopping, closet detox, wardrobe maintenance etc… 






The Fashion Doctor’s method was developed simply by realizing that style and image is a very personal and complex subject. No two biological bodies are the same and this is also true for personal style.  


By looking through a medicinal lens We CONSULT with our clients one on one, EXAMINE their visual and internal goals, lifestyle and current style pulse, which then helps us to gather visual facts and goals in order to lastly PRESCRIBE a stylish prescription or image plan that will leave every client's style and image sickness in remission forever. 

Private Personal Shopping 

Closet Detox & Management 

Daily Wardrobe Cataloging  

Wardrobe Organization & Maintenance  

Red Carpet & Television Styling 

Hair & Makeup Consultation  

Closet Design 

Customized Shopping Experiences 


To request a private client examination or for fee inquires,

please contact the Doctor's Office,


Fashion RX (n.) NOUN | \ˈFA-SHƏN\ \ˌÄR-ˈEKS\ : 

A fashion remedy, cure or solution for a style aesthetic disorder or problem 


Kathy Gantz, Psychological Services

Marcus is a magician!

I don't go to any meeting or

on any trip without having a check up by The Fashion Dr! He organizes and disposes of what you don't need in your closets, creates one of a kind shopping experiences that are private and not overwhelming and he has the best sense of style which shows in his ability to coordinate the chicest outfits from your very own closet that you would have never been able to visualize.
He is Fabulous! 

All of my friends consult with Marcus!!

Marcus has been an amazing partner in making sure that the vision I have for my style becomes my reality, while also making sure to push the boundaries and push me to be on the cutting edge of what happening in the fashion world. His ability to balance what a client wants while also giving them what they need is unmatched. A true Professional!

PJ Morton, Maroon 5/Singer/Producer

Miriam G, Financial Manager 

Marcus is a maestro of fashion.

He is a genius at looking through your closet, mixing and matching outfits and also suggesting when it is time to give away clothes.

When we’ve gone shopping together, Marcus goes ahead to select outfits. He has chosen amazing designers and styles. Every time I wear a “Marcus” outfit, I receive many compliments.

As Marcus said, “I’m not here to make you look like someone else, I just want to elevate your style to a new level so that you always look your best.”

I work with Marcus on a regular basis. His help is needed for every season and I feel fortunate to benefit from his style, his expertise and his collaborative manner. 

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